High Qualtity Prosthetics

In case that a tooth is already damaged too much and is not reparable conventionally it has to be provided partial or completely with a crown.

This means, that the relevant tooth has to be ground down completely or partially and the ground clinical crown replaced with a ceramic crown or metal ceramic crown shaped in our dental laboratory and individually attached to the tooth.

In the molar teeth area you can choose between a ceramic facing crown or a full metal crown. For the front teeth area we offer full ceramic crowns or zircon crowns.


Dental Bridges

A gap in your dentures from one or more missing teeth can be closed with a dental bridge. This happens by grounding the abutment ulterior and front teeth and capping them and join them. This will be ceramic coated, in order to resemble the natural tooth.


Combined Restorations

In case there are not enough teeth left to anchor a dental bridge because of too many missing teeth in the jaw, those spaces can be covered with a removable partial denture, which are retained to the remaining teeth. Here a maximum of aesthetical criteria are paid with regard to, for example, retaining metal clasps that are invisible.


Complete Dentures Prosthesis

In case of a completely toothless jaw, there is the possibility for a complete denture prosthesis made from hard plastic or ceramic inlays.


There is a possibility to fill gaps with implants. This enables to abstain from bridges or combined prosthodontics.

See: Implants