The tooth is not anchored in the jaw like for instance a hollow screw, but hung up by many fibers, which each connects the root with the jaw.

If, due to a disease, this system is defected, problems arise, which could culminate in tooth loss.

In case of the periodontics system is diseased, this could be a catalyst for many secondary disorders, which not only could manifest in the mouth area but in the entire body.


This is what the beginning gum inflammation is called, which in general is pain free but is noticed only by constant bleeding.


This is already the manifested disease of the periodontium and requires ample treatment.

Several possibilities for gently treating such defects exist. Among others the highly praised laser is used here.

There are other possibilities to support periodontitis therapy.

Using the so called Guided Tissue Reconstruction (GTR) technique a driven in barrier membrane makes sure the bone re-accumulates new tissue for regeneration.

Using the Guided Bone Reconstruction (GBR) technique, a prefabricated vascularizedbone graft is added which ought to be accumulated and grown into the bone little by little.

With all these supporting measures, it is essential that the patient emphasizes importance to their oral hygiene, otherwise all above mentioned treatments will not have any long term success.