Aesthetic Dentistry


When restoring teeth two requirements exist: on one hand they must be functional, on the other hand they have to meet asthetic demands. Statutory health insurance pays solely for Amalgam fillings for the lateral tooth area, but we offer composite fillings or the higher quality Ormocer fillings. These are very resistant to corrosion and are of high value aesthetically, as they are perfectly for blending in with the tooth colour. Perhaps inlays fired from pure ceramics in the dental laboratory are regarded of highest quality. Alternatively gold inlays can be chosen, which does not always meet aesthetical demands. Next to the aesthetically composite fillings in the anterior tooth area, so called veneers could be designed. These are husk dressings from ceramics, which the tooth’s front must be grounded down first, in order for the veneers to be fixed on. They have to be customized individually to the particular tooth.

Of course, another possibility is to cap severely damaged teeth partly or completely with crowns, see prosthetics.